WukLab is a research group at the University of California, San Diego, led by Prof. Yiying Zhang focusing on the synergy between machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI/ML) and data-center systems. In one direction, the group builds efficient, scalable, deployable and reliable systems for modern AI/ML tasks in data-center environments, with the over-arching goal of the next-generation AI/ML being ready for large-scale production uses. In the other direction, the group seeks innovative usages of AI/ML to solve systems problems, with the goal of reducing human engineering efforts, being more adaptive to different applications, and improving the efficiency and/or cost of data-center systems. In both directions, the group’s approaches often involve the co-design of AI/ML and systems, thereby advancing the state of the AI/ML and systems research.



Ph.D Students

Yutong Huang
Reyna Abhyankar
Zijian He

Masters Students

Dongming Li

Undergraduate Students

Ryan Lee